Great Powers is a PC desktop turn based strategy game that is being developed by Red Bridge Games Ltd. The game is based on largest historical maps ever that allow you to build and raise your nation, meet the real historical persons, battle with your heavy weapons or economic tools, to become the Greatest Power ever.

Medieval Europe needs you

Save the Soviet Union

Manage the railways and airlines

The bloody continent Europe needs you to end the cruel fights and start the era of peace and prosperity. Your skills are important for the reconciliation of European nations.

Play the Soviet Union – the greatest country ever and do not allow to collapse the system. Make the reforms or use the force to suppress the revolution.

Manage the national railway and airline companies of your country in modern era, connect your cities by regular lines and fly to the other countries too, to meet the needs of your people and to bring more tourists to your country.

How to support

Great Powers is a game that is in development. If you want to support its development and receive rewards, you can do it here:



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Features of the Game

MAPS – except the random maps, you can select from many real world or regional maps. You can play on European map, Mediterranean map, Caribbean map, Central Asia map, Middle Eastern map, Southeast Asia map including Australia, Yellow sea regional map with North Korea or World maps.

SCENARIOS – all the scenarios begin around the year 1600 or later, so you can enjoy the magnificence of some nations at the peak of their strength, like Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia, Napoleon’s France, Hitler’s Germany, Yugoslavia or Stalin’s Soviet Union.

ECONOMY – focus on the economy of you country and prosperity of your people at the beginning, that you can build a strong army for your empire. This will allow you to control other nations or whole world.

INDUSTRY – all the resources your country offers need to be processed in some kind of factory. You can build a plenty types of factories, each for a different resource and become a leader in export. But beware of your enemies, who can destroy your industry and build the factories at the safe places.

INFRASTRUCTURE– meet the needs of your people and your industry and connect everything by roads, railroads and later by highways, super fast trains, industry by power lines and distant cities by airlines. These connections bring you the satisfaction of your citizens and economic prosperity.

CITIES – your country needs you. Care of your citizens, give them perks they want and they will make no revolution against your regime. If you ignore your people, the regions can revolt and join another country or become independent.

ENERGETICS – when you discover electricity, everything will change. The electric power become the most desirable thing for the cities and industry. It is up to you how you solve the high demand.

TOURISM – in the modern era, the tourists become interested in your country. If you have a good facilites for them, like ski resorts, summer holiday resorts at the beach or spa, they will love your country and bring you a lot of money. Your people will also want to travel abroad. Establish an airlines and transport them wherever they want.